This project began more that 20 years ago when I visited Colorado Springs Colorado to locate information about my granfather Ethan Allen Berry who had died there and my father who was born there and was nicknamed Haley for Haley’s comet that appeared the year he was born in 1910. The search led me to Cleveland Ohio where my father grew up.  My engagement with the myth of my father and grandfather stems from the little bits of information I had about them and how I felt pulled by the old photographs to understand who my father was. By collecting documents and photographs and cross referencing genealogical information I was able to understand that my grandfather and grandmother both lived in Cleveland  before 1910 and that my grandfather died in Colorado in 1912. His mother Emma took him back to Cleveland where he grew up being called Haley.

Next week I will be going to Cleveland to visit my grandfathers grave and do research on the location of the grave of Emma Berry his wife. I am travelling with two  collaboarators who will be making a video about the journey. I’m calling the project “Haley and Emma”.


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